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Designer & Developer | San Francisco, California

I thrive at the intersection of creativity & technology. I have a passion for brands who serve a higher mission. I am Moly, and this is my life’s work. Sit back and enjoy.

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I don’t want to say it was “fun” or “nice” to work with Moly because it wasn’t. It was much much better than that. Moly is a kind of Zen warrior that requires everyone one who he works with to step up their game and he has a blast doing it. Some people work their asses off and fight to be the best at what they do but not Moly. He is one of those rare souls with so much natural talent that everything he touches turns to gold. His swagger and laid-back attitude makes him the guy you want to be on a team with. If you have a chance bring this dude in on your next creative project, you will not regret it.

Marcus Andrews Marcus Andrews


If you need an ACE, someone with a good attitude, character and amazing work ethic, you should know Moly Yim. At Digitas, he was known as the go-to guy with the ability to shoot (video and photograph), design, and ActionScript a pitch — and as a team we won a few. Along with the design skills, he’s accutely aware of the technologies enabled to make a good project great.

Joe Morris Joe Morris