Creative Warrior

Designer & Developer | San Francisco, California

I thrive at the intersection of creativity & technology. I have a passion for brands who serve a higher mission. I am Moly, and this is my life’s work. Sit back and enjoy.


Words That Describe Me

Moly (pronounced  “moe • lee”) is a creative warrior. To him, work is something he gets to do for fun and gets paid for.

He loves hanging out at cafés while sipping on peppermint tea, travelling the world snapping photos of amazing vistas, and makes a pretty killer guacomole. (Yes, it has been called “the Holy Moly Guacamole.”)

But more importantly, Moly has an old soul and it shows in every piece of his work.

He’s like that dude from American Beauty who thought that a floating plastic trash bag was beautiful, but not in that creepy sort of way.

Believe us, just like his work, he’s one of a kind. And no, you’re not crazy.

There really are guys like this still out there.

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Not-So-Secret Powers I’m Capable Of

Languages (Computer)
Languages (Human)
Level of ability & experience is measured in ✭ — where fiveare better than one.


Brands I’ve Helped Build


Agencies I’ve Partnered With

Beam Interactive
North End | Boston, MA
Back Bay | Boston, MA
Digital Influence Group
Waltham, MA
Downtown Crossing | Boston, MA
Gaines Design Group
Los Angeles, CA
Leather District | Boston, MA
Jack Morton
South End | Boston, MA
Financial District | Boston, MA
One to One Interactive
Charlestown | Boston, MA
Back Bay | Boston, MA
Seven Design
San Francisco, CA
Fort Point Channel | Boston, MA
Viewpoint Creative
Newton, MA


Awards I’ve Won

CSS Design Awards
Nominated for
Nominated for
CSS Mania
Featured for
MITX: Best Use Of Social Media
Won for Burma, It Can’t
Digitas Pixel Pusher Award
Won for producing Generally Awesome Work while employed there
dope:dynamic Award
Won for Peter Boie | Magician’s first-gen Flash website
Adobe ‘Spread The Word’ Competition
Nominated for the Full Sail Digital Publishing Student Gallery
Full Sail Course Director’s Awards for:
Computer Graphics
Interactive Media Design
Digital Video Production
Digital Publishing